Marketing and promotion of cryptocurrency projects

Front Page Crypto is a group of SEO professionals with 10 years of experience in promoting websites in USA, UK, Spain and Russia. SEO-optimization of cryptocurrency projects is our main specialization.

About us

We use most modern technologies and methods of SEO-optimization. Our swiss knife – is a set of expert tools that are used by top SEO studios

We have all top-notch certifications and licenses (Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Link Research Tools, Semrush, Yandex, Hubspot)

Our distinctive advantage from large SEO studios is that we work individually with each client for his specific needs

Front Page Crypto is a trusted partner in a crypto market

Our clients - competition analysis and complete website audit. Backlink profile audit. Clean and healthy backlink profile. - on-page SEO, development of commercial factors, technical SEO audit - on-page SEO analytics, UI/UX, inner linking.
0-25 000 visitors per day in 6 months - comprehensive website audit, UI/UX improvements

Why modern and perspective crypto companies choose
Front Page Crypto?

Minimum bureaucracy

Pro team that is always in touch with you. In any moment of time you know exactly who is working on your project and what tasks are currently being carried out

Market-guided experts

Our clients are various crypto projects and our team keeps the knowledge to understand the specifics of promotion on this market to be on the edge of competition

Actual knowledge in industry

Our team of expert analysts is constantly monitoring changes in search engine algorithms, attending various conferences and using latest methods of optimization

Graduated and licensed specialists

We have been promoting websites since 2008 and our team consists of certified experts in SEO, web-analytics, linkbuilding and website optimization

Our services

Comprehensive manual audit of your backlink profile

Each link is checked and reviewed manually, we use Link Detox and Link Juice Recovery tools from LinkResearchTools as well. Additional analysis is carried out with the help of Ahrefs, Majestic, Moz and some other services

Technical crawl audit of whole website

Each page of the site is reviewed by us manually, we check how each page looks like for search robots, this audit is conducted by use of the most advanced tool for technical audit - DeepCrawl

Full SEO audit of your digital asset

To perform complete SEO audit we use top edge solutions based on the best market services (Moz, Semrush). As a result, you get the most comprehensive and professional analysis of your website

Improving website visibility in Google Maps

Optimizing your Google My Business page + tuning up full range of related metrics to maximize your brand visibility in the local search results

Brand authority and reputation management

Our proprietary technology of improving brand awareness and increasing it’s authority allows us to protect your digital asset from negative reviews and publications. This set of measures allows seriously strengthen authority of your brand and website for search engines

Your website audit

A manual check of all technical parameters on your website is carried out. After 1-2 weeks we send to you the full list of errors on  your website with screenshots and detailed description of problems that need to be fixed and what results it will give. Technical audit is often the primary goal for most sites. The list of errors found by us can be quite impressive and it may take several weeks for a good developer to fix it. Without a high-quality technical audit and correction of errors on website it will be difficult to achive serious positions in search engines. Think of a technical audit as an airplane check by an experienced mechanic before the start.

This audit suits those websites that do not have obvious technical problems, but have other kinds of problems: poor quality content, mixed-up structure, not well developed site navigation system, outdated design, or you simply do not understand what to do next, how to develop further your website It seems that website somehow works, but there is a strong feeling that a qualitative reboot is necessary. A comprehensive audit will help to identify various problems on your website and point out ways of eliminating them.

Ultimate audit includes technical audit, audit of website architecture including the development of internal linking and navigation blocks, website search visibility analysis, content audit and new semantics research including optimization of meta tags, detailed analysis of competitors from SEO point of view and from the point of view of website value, usability audit and behavioral factors analysis, commercial factors audit and audit with assessors (involving a targeted group of advanced users). Such ultimate audit allows to identify all website problems and indicate the ways of further development.

Backlink Profile

We search for all website inbound links via 25 sources and manually check each found link to see if it match search engine recommendations for link quality. At the slightest suspicion or failure to comply with our criteria, such a toxic link is sent to the Disavow file (a Google tool that helps to eliminate the negative impact of poor-quality inbound links to the site). This backlink profile audit (we call it Link Detox) positively influences website usability, allows website significantly recover lost positions and traffic. Think of it as a detox medicine that removes all the slag from your website.

In the course of its development the site goes through certain stages, different people work on it, one webmaster removes old pages, another webmaster adds new ones, and so on. This is a normal natural situation from the point of view of website development, but high-quality sites could link to old non-working pages. Our task is to find such pages, restore them from the archive and transfer the weight from strong external links, make them work.

On various authoritative and relevant sites, the cards about the company are set up and filled in the correct way, high-quality articles are posted and links are posted. In a certain way, the card data cross-refer to each other. This set of measures allows to strengthen the brand representation in the eyes of search engines.

Local SEO

Local SEO for a crypto project? Yes, this stage gives an increase in the project visibility in the search engines, as well as increases the authority of the site. Provided that everything is done correctly, the user immediately sees the maximum possible information, without going to your site – immediately from the search engine. Optimizing Google My Business listing is important for the success of your digital asset.

Penalty Recovery

If your site has been downgraded by the search engine due to violations … or after another update – we can help you. If you are under Google Penguin // Google Panda, or your digital assets are sanctioned by search engines – our team of experts will be able to determine the reason and make a plan for eliminating the problem that led to the deterioration of the site’s indicators. We will control the implementation, if necessary and successfully correct the situation.

Our Team

Ilya Moskovoy
Chief Executive Officer

  • SEO-analyst since 2009. He has extensive experience in conducting projects for promotion in the markets of Europe and the USA in highly competitive topics. He has a number of scientific and near-scientific publications and works. A certified expert and licensed SEO specialist, PPC, web analytics.

Yuri Teryukalov
Chief Business Development Officer

  • SEO specialist since 2008. The experience of promoting crypto-currency sites in the US and Europe. His strong points are the analytical mindset, the ability to understand the customer’s problem and find a way to solve it. In his spare time he is fond of sound recording, meditation and outdoor recreation.

Your website development strategy

Frequently Asked Questions

We use 30+ SEO and marketing instruments in our work. Ahrefs, Alexa, BuzzSumo, DeepCrawl, Keywordtool, LinkResearchTools, Moz, Majestic, Ninjaoutreach, Semrush, Similarweb, UberSuggest and more.

Our backlinks audit is a manual analysis of every link to compliance with Google's recommendations. Also manually verified the entire anchor list and the dynamics of the increase in references to the correspondence of the natural for your topic. Additionally, the best sites for placing links in your subject are selected and a secure referential strategy is created individually for you.

Link Detox - is a manual check of the link profile for the identification of substandard links and the preparation of a list of links for sending to Disavow Google. This tool allows you to specify poor-quality links to your site, which the search engine will not take into account when ranking this site. This method with a correct and full analysis of the link profile allows you to significantly restore the position and increase search traffic to the site. Link Juice Recovery - search and recovery of broken quality incoming links, allows you to significantly and quickly improve the site's position in the search results.

The full audit of the site includes: the analysis of competitors in terms of SEO and product, technical analysis of the site, search audit, site architecture audit, site content audit, commercial factors audit, usability audit, audit with assessors (advanced Internet users).   Such a comprehensive analysis allows you to see a full picture of the current state of the site, identify a range of errors and make a detailed list of their elimination in order to improve the position of the site in search engines, increase traffic to the site and increase conversion.   As a result, we send you several large documents where the problems of the site will be described in a simple and visual language and specific actions for their elimination are indicated.

Incorrectly to assert that Google ignores bad links. There were no such statements, but Google said that the changes are aimed at pure spam (pure spam), attacks that Google allegedly can reflect. Мы явно видим важность ссылочных факторов в оптимизации сайта. Сайты у которых большое количество некачественных входящих ссылок в ссылочном профиле (покупные, нерелевантные), такие сайты ранжируются существенно хуже и собирают значительно меньше поискового трафика. Как только проводится качественная осознанная работа по ссылочному профилю такого сайта, фактически сразу мы наблюдаем рост позиций и трафика сайта. Проблема в том, что большая часть таких входящих ссылок появляется естественным образом, без участия владельца сайта и мешает сайту достойно ранжироваться в поисковых системах.

There are several of them. First, unlike large SEO-studios, we do not have a pipeline. Our goal is not to take any projects for promotion. We can afford to work with the most interesting projects and take in work only what we really like.   Secondly, our special specialization is the projects of the crypto-currency sphere. We are well aware of the features of the promotion of projects in this market. Our portfolio confirms this.   And thirdly, we always try to have the best and most relevant knowledge in the field of SEO. Our specialists participate in conferences around the world, including as speakers. We often have access to one of the first to new tools. And also we have all the necessary certificates confirming the highest level of our specialists.

Of course, SEO is legal. SEO means optimizing your site, cleaning up risky links, optimizing your anchor text and general link profiles. There is nothing illegal in this. This will just raise the rating of your site. You will be better than your competitors. You'll get more traffic, more leads, and more conversions.

Choose the service that suits you from the list or just contact us by phone or e-mail and tell us about your problem, we will prepare the best offer for you within a few hours free of charge.

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